To Vegan or Not To Vegan

To Vegan or Not To Vegan

To be or not to be vegan.  That is a tough question?  Queen Bey announces that she is vegan and the world goes a buzzin- whether they agree or disagree it still becomes the talk of the town.   Being vegan is a tough task.  You really have to be committed.  There is no one foot in one foot out as there is with a vegetarian diet.

If you are a vegan then you are abstaining from any animal product whether it be food or fashion. It is a serious lifestyle.  No eggs, no honey, no leather, no silk.  No uggs!

In order to successfully be a vegan and not be malnourished or deficient in any of the important nutrients you need to do the following:

Consume a variety of grains and legumes to provide all the essential amino acids to help meet your needs of high-quality protein

Make sure the diet is rich in good sources of calcium and Vitamin D which can be found in fortified soy milk, fortified orange juice, tofu, or other fortified foods like cereal. Vitamin D can also be obtained from sun exposure.  All you need is 20 minutes per day to meet your needs of Vitamin D.

Iron is also important because most iron rich sources of food come from red meat.  You can consume while grains, dried fruits, nuts and legumes.  Make sure to consume Vitamin C rich foods with iron rich foods in order to increase absorption.

Take a multi-vitamin and calcium supplement to ensure meeting your daily requirements

Good luck to those who choose this lifestyle. More power to you because I know this Diva couldn’t do it.