Fresh Fruit

Fresh Fruit

Fruit is natures candy, but it seems to get a bad wrap because of it’s sugar content.  My favorite is when a diabetic tells me that they can’t eat fruit because it has too much sugar but they are chowing down on a brownie.  Like FOR REAL!

I always get asked is there any fruit I should avoid.  And the answer is NO!  You should not avoid fruit.  Fruit provides so many health benefits.  It is rich in fiber, nutrients, and antioxidants, and water.  You should control the portion, but not avoid it.

A serving size of fruit is roughly 4 oz.  The more variety of fruit in the diet the better.  Try to eat the colors of the rainbow.  I am strictly talking about fresh fruit.  I would not consume canned fruits and dried fruits on a regular basis if you can help it.  Choose fruits that are locally grown and in season to get the best nutrition.

One thing to remember about fruit is that it should be coupled with a protein when consumed.  If you are hungry and eat an apple that apple will not make a dent in your satiety.  But if you eat the apple with a tablespoon of peanut butter it will go a long way and satisfy that hunger.

Don’t be afraid of fruit.  It is good for you.  Enjoy!