One of the things that I hear most from my patients is that they do not have time to exercise.  Listen, I totally get it.  I don’t have time either but I make time and you need to find a way to make time because it is important.  And if it’s important to you then you will do it.  SO FIND TIME!

Personally I get up in the morning before my kids get up and do it. It sucks the first few times getting up so early but after a few days it gets easier. You will even find yourself getting up before the alarm goes off.  When the weather is nice I go out for a run/walk. If the weather is bad I will do a video or some other exercises in my living room. If you have cable there are exercise classes on demand for free.

At work I will go for a walk around the block to stretch my legs and get a breather.  This helps with not only getting in more activity but my mental clarity- keeping me focused and helping me destress.

When the kids are at soccer practice I walk the field.  I am not one of those mom’s who brings a chair and sits for the hour.  You know how much exercise you can get in in an hour of soccer. Be the mom who walks and doesn’t just sit.

In the pool with the kids we do races back and forth.  I let them win, of course.  But we go back and forth doing laps in the pool. Better than just sitting on the steps.  And if you are thinking I won’t put on a bathing suit.  Get over it.  Put the suit on and get in the water.

In the office, close the door and squats and lunges when on a conference call.  Get a desk cycle to put under your desk. I got one for my Dad for father’s day.  He loves it.  While he works he cycles (doesn’t make any noise so if you are in a cubicle you won’t interrupt those around you).

If you put a little effort in you will find that there are many ways to get your exercise is without having to go to the gym.  Be creative and think outside the box.  It all adds up and helps to keep you young, healthy, and happy!